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Monday 2nd November 2020, Brodericks Fine Foods would like to assure our customers that we continue to accept orders and make deliveries during these current difficult times. We remain open for business, for further details on our response to the COVID 19 pandemic please read our statement below or contact us directly.


Monday 2nd November 2020, A statement from Brodericks Fine Foods on COVID19 virus.

In the light of the current public health emergency created by the spread of COVID 19 virus, Brodericks Fine Foods would like to reassure customers that we are monitoring the situation carefully and taking steps to minimise the risk of disruption to our operation, as well as protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees.  

The nature of the risks presented by the current outbreak are like those of a Flu Pandemic, for which we have an existing Business Continuity Plan.  We have reviewed this in light of the current situation.  

Our plan is focused on enhanced protection for our site operations and employees; increasing internal awareness of possible threats posed by the outbreak; the maintenance of strict internal hygiene and health surveillance and action planning to minimise any supply interruptions. 

Specific measures include: 

•    An increased level of health surveillance across our business and our supply network 

•    Additional sanitisation of surfaces in all areas of work space from storage to delivery vans.

•    Close monitoring of the health of our workforce 

•    An uprated programme of internal communication regarding health protection advice and hygiene precautions 

•    Flexible working, including the use of remote meetings and online technology to reduce social contact and the need for face to face interactions 

•    The potential for increased use of remote handling/delivery facilities 

•    Enhanced absence and return to work procedures for employees 

We believe these procedures should be adequate to prevent any major business disruption or interruption to normal customer service.  We continue to actively monitor the situation and track advice from Government and the relevant health authorities. Should there be any significant change in our position we will provide a further update to all our business contacts. 

Do please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.