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Salcombe Dairy Ice Creams & Sorbets

The ice cream contains Devonshire Milk, Double Cream, Unsalted Butter, Raw Cane Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder and Dextrose.

As they don’t homogenise their ingredients, they use a seaweed compound (Alginate) as an additive to emulsify the dairy fats. This compound is broken down into four elements which as additives attract e-numbers which they include on their labelling. All these elements are completely natural.

The flavour ingredients – whether they be fruit, coffee, rum, chocolate, vanilla or anything else are the best quality available and are all of these ingredients are added to the base mix before packaging. They are proud to serve delicious, natural, egg-free, nut-free ice cream.

They have won over 60 awards – including 2 Great Taste top 50 food awards!

  • Coffee Ice Cream

    Coffee Ice Cream

  • Clotted Cream Vanilla Ice Cream

    Clotted Cream Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Honeycomb Ice Cream

    Honeycomb Ice Cream

  • Lemon Sorbet

    Lemon Sorbet

  • Raspberry Sorbet

    Raspberry Sorbet

  • Mango Sorbet

    Mango Sorbet