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Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

Marshfield Farm have been creating real dairy ice cream on their West Country family farm for nearly 30 years. Absolutely everything involved in making their ice creams takes place on the farm – they like to use the phrase “from cow to cone” to describe the process.

The food for the cows is grown on the land, the cows graze the grass and produce the milk which goes into the ice cream. All the ice creams are made in a barn on the farm, the filled tubs are stored in freezers in another farm building, and the finished product is then transported to shops and tourist spots across the whole of England.

Bursting with flavour and full of textures and tastes – Marshfield Farm want you to taste the passion for what they do in every lick, crunch and satisfying mouthful.



A full range of Marshfield Farm West Country Ice Cream is available upon request