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Produced in South Devon, Becky Osborne started to create the ice cream at home after having to give up dairy after the birth of her son. Now, with the support of her husband and family they have a brand new production unit supplying independent stores nationwide.

With plant based ingredients picked specifically for their nutritional benefits each tub of Fravocado is packed full of goodness and by using agave syrup as a sweetener it means the sugar content is kept much lower than comparable ice creams.

Becky Osborne, founder of Fravocado said “I’ve grown up by the seaside and always enjoyed traditional ice cream, having to give that up was tough but I was determined to produce something that was healthier and free from dairy yet rivalled the taste and texture of traditional Devonshire ice cream. Avocado is a great source of healthy fats and its creamy texture helps replace dairy, using this alongside coconut milk means that the product is free from all allergens and suitable for anyone to enjoy.

Fravocado Range from Broderick's Fine Foods