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Bindi Italian Desserts

For over 60 years Bindi has served the most renowned and discerning restaurateurs in Italy and around the world. Drawing on decades of experience and constant innovation they have created a variety of desirable and delicious offerings. From international pastry cakes, to single portions, to gelato, croissants and so much more. Here is just a small sample of the range that we can supply.

  • Torta della Nonna

    Torta della Nonna

  • Tartufo Nocciola

    Tartufo Nocciola

  • Coppa Pistachio

    Coppa Pistachio

  • Coconut Ripieno

    Coconut Ripieno

  • Novelty Ice Cream

    Novelty Ice Cream

  • Profiterol Scuro

    Profiterol Scuro

  • Chocolate Soufflé

    Chocolate Soufflé

  • Flute Limoncello

    Flute Limoncello